All About a Tourist Visa To the USA

The most common reason individuals visit the US on a tourist visa is to seek medical care, visit their friends and family, or attend short business meetings or seminars. The tourist visa is granted by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services based specific rules and regulations. Tourist visa is categorized as a non-immigrant visa and is only issued for a short period of time ranging from 3 months up to 10 years if it is a multiple-entry visa. canada pr process

But even on a 10 year multiple-entry visa you can only stay for 6 months on a single visit. However, you can come and go as many times as you need provided the visa is valid. If you want to stay longer because extended medical care is needed or to continue visiting and touring the country, a 6-month extension is can be granted. Keep in mind that the extension is given based on the US Citizenship and Immigration Service’s decision.

If you are thinking about staying in the US on the tourist visa and finding a job, this is unlawful. For any legal work authorization, you need to apply for a non-immigrant work visa, which is a separate entity.

As the US Citizenship and Immigration Service examines each person that enters the US as an emigrant, you have to show proof of this before you are granted a visa. You need to fulfill specific requirements set forth by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. One requirement that must be met is proving that you have strong emotional and financial ties to your home country and that you do not intend to abandon your citizenship there.

If you are asked to prove that you are seeking a visa for the purpose of getting advanced medical treatment, you must include all required medical reports and doctors paperwork when applying. But if you are entering the US for travel and touring purposes, You need to show your travel documents including your hotel reservations, any invitation letters and other documents that apply. If you are visiting for business, you must show proof of the business meeting, seminar or conference as well as any invitations or sponsorship letters.

If the US Consulate has negative information on file about you such as having past criminal indictments or being indicted in a court case, you may not qualify for the tourist visa to US. Other reasons that classify you as ineligible for the visa include not being employed, being single or divorced, or having visited specific countries on a regular basis. You will not be granted the visa if any of the above applies.

Individuals below the age of 15 and over the age of 60 have a greater chance of being granted the visa. However, you cannot visit the US and settle down using a tourist visa. There are numerous immigration attorneys that can assist you with the tourist visa paperwork, if you are running behind schedule or unsure of getting the paperwork filed on your own. Most of the immigration attorneys deal with different visas and are fully knowledgeable of any legal intricacies.

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