Andrew Christian Mens Underwear: A Timeless Collection

Andrew Christian

The Andrew Christian brand revolves around underwear – so if you’re going to buy high end underwear, why not an Andrew Christian? Still a young company, their underwear only started to be sold in 2001. Don’t be fooled by suspicions that the brand is immature, because the founder, Andrew Christian himself, worked for other designers since he graduated from high school. Known for his eco-friendly perspective, since much of the underwear is made from bamboo for a comfy, green pair of undies, products are all made in the USA.

Why buy from Andrew Christian?

So it’s only been a few years since the company came out – barely ten years ago – what would such a young company offer? Tons. Besides being known for being green and eco-friendly, Andrew Christian is known for its wide variety with a large spectrum of designs, a large spectrum of cuts, and even a large number of lines, including lines that emphasize a sporty look, eco-friendliness, and even comfort itself. Talk about your ten year old prodigies, they still ain’t no pushover in the underwear business of men’s fashion.

Take the Show-It brief. It’s an Andrew Christian underwear from his FlexSoft line, a new line-the company may be young and may be established, but it’s far from done expanding itself with more and more new lines of men’s underwear-that’s all about comfort. So how can comfort be fashionable? The Show-It brief has a lifting quality of it that helps “show it” off in front of any company you might want to be entertaining. Regardless of aesthetics, the lifting quality is also comfortable. Moreover, the FlexSoft line includes high end micromodal – let’s just call it soft – fabric. So, the company thinks about everything, from aesthetics to comfort, to even how comfort can be aesthetic and aesthetics can be comfortable. Best mens underwear 2021

So, you’re still not convinced

Ever feel like a muffin? Even some of the high end underwear that start at thirty dollars a pair have an elastic band system that feels great but looks horrible, as the band squeezes your gut to the point where you look like a muffin with sides rolling out. They thought of that, and is known for one more aspect of the underwear world: the “anti-muffin-top” waistband that is incredibly soft and elastic. This signature combination of high elasticity and comfort on even the waist band prevent compression and squeezing along your waists and sides. So, aesthetics and comfort come together like peanut butter and chocolate once again for Andrew Christian brand underwear.

Again, the material of the underwear is full of elasticity and comfort because there is a good amount of spandex and rayon in the FlexSoft line, for example. Sure it’s comfy and sure it’s aesthetic and fashionable when you might want to entertain, but is it functional? Of course! Because of how stretchy Andrew Christian mens underwear is, it’s easier than ever to move about. Moreover, since there is only one layer of material in the underwear of the Show-It example, it’s not just comfortable meaning soft, but cooling. Some of the more comfortable underwear is usually thick with comfortable cotton or what have you-the more the merrier right? Wrong, and they understands this. So, with only one layer of soft, comfortable material, you won’t get too hot in the underwear. If you have ever bought an expensive pair of underwear to only find out they make you sweat to an embarrassingly smelly situation, then you will not have to worry when purchasing the Andrew Christian underwear brand because of how versatile and comfortable it is.


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