Choosing Estate Lawyers Who Will Look Out For Your Best Interests

Selecting your estate lawyers is an important decision. Not only are you trusting this professional to create a plan that supports your wishes, you are also sharing some of the most confidential details of your life with him or her. Here are some things to consider when selecting an attorney.

Selecting Estate Lawyers

Choose an attorney who is experienced in your particular needs. Not all estate lawyers are experts in every aspect of estate law, but they should have a basic understanding of how laws covering one issue may affect others. estate attorney grand rapids

Look for specialty designations on the issue you need help with and ask what percentage of their practice is devoted to this subject. Estate planning is a constantly growing field and unscrupulous attorneys might try to capitalize on that by claiming to be experts in wills, trusts and plans when in fact they are not. A specialty designation can give you some measure of comfort that the attorney is knowledgeable on the subject.

Research attorneys before contacting them. Review their websites for educational background, practice specialties and experience. Is the lawyer a member of any local, state or national associations? Make sure to search specialty associations related to your need, such as the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, and see if your attorney is a member.

Search for articles the lawyer or firm may have written and take note of any examples of community involvement they may have participated in or supported. Reach out to friends, neighbors and colleagues to get recommendations.

Finally, although it may sound far-fetched to think this isn’t the case, always contact the state bar association to make sure the lawyer is a member in good standing.

Other Considerations

There are several things to consider besides experience when choosing estate lawyers. Don’t forget the other staff at the law firm. You are likely to have a lot of contact with them. You want staff that is courteous and professional and responds to you in a timely manner.

Look for a local lawyer. Local attorneys are certain to know the state law better than a lawyer who is out of state, not to mention it is more convenient for you to visit the office.

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