Could You Need an Answering Service? Six Questions to Ponder

More businesses are relying upon answering services as a means of always staying in contact with their valued patrons. Of course, a telephonic service may not make sense for every business type. A few businesses that commonly rely upon these services include: legal professionals, medical professionals and other types of professional services providers. Could using such a service benefit your entity? What follows are six questions that can better help you understand if such is the case.

What happens to callers who are not answered? Colorado Answering Service
When callers phone into your business and are informed that there are no reps available to answer their call, they generally feel a bit distraught, even if it is already after business hours. So with telephonic services, you can always have staff on hand to take calls, even if that means taking a message that’s returned the following day.

Could I be driving more business with an answering service?
You certainly could be driving more business. When you have a telephonic service in place, you are retaining more customers because you have an open line of contact for them. For example, a prospective client may leave a message for a deal that’s closed the next day as a result.

Do answering services help increase retention rates?
Answering services are always going to be helpful with increasing or with improving retention rates. While they are not the only function that serves to heighten retention, they are an important part of retaining customers by increasing service levels.

Could answering services pay for themselves?
Consider this notion for a moment. Say you have a telephonic service and you own a legal business. And say that a few customers call every week after hours. And without such services in place, you could be missing out on closing on prospective customers. If you just closed a few of those per month, the telephonic service would actually pay for itself.

Why should I get an answering service?
Well it’s a consideration if you have a lot of after hour calls coming in that you are missing out on. It’s important to keep in mind that every phone call is potentially profitable. But they are only profitable calls if you are able to answer and return them all.

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