DIY Clay Face Mask Recipe

You can now design your own Clay Face Mask to suit your specific skin type and you can also make some for your friends. and family.

You will be using a Clay to suit your skin and also essential oils to suit your skin.

I use a french clay. and pure essential oils. I would only use top quality for my face.

Step One: – Choose the Clay for your skin type – homemade face masks for redness

French Clay

Green: The most popular of the clays, for it’s healing, removing toxins.
Green clay cleanses, exfoliates, smoothes & softens the skin.

Pink: For sensitive skins, tissue firming and softening of skin.

Red: For mature, tired, stressed, dehydrated skin, it is an oilier type of clay.

White: Used for very sensitive skins

Yellow: For sun damaged, fatigued skin, similar to green but gentler.

Step Two: – Choose the Essential oils for your skin type –

Essential Oils

Dry Skin: Patchouli, sandalwood, geranium, evening primrose, rosehip, chamomile, neroli.

Oily Skin: Rosemary, lemon, juniper, geranium, cedarwood, lavender, bergamot, may chang.

Sensitive/mature Skin: Carrot seed, frankincense, rosehip, evening primrose, neroli, chamomile.


1. In a glass or ceramic dish, add about 25ml of purified or floral water and sprinkle about 25g of your selected clay (see above – for skin type).

2. Add essential oils if you want (see above – for skin type) – you don’t have to use essential oils, you can just make the clay mask with clay and water.
However the essential oils do enhance the benefits of the clay mask.

3. Mix to smooth paste.


1. Apply evenly over face, avoiding sensitive eye area.

2. Leave for 10-15 minutes.

3. Do not allow to dry – If drying occurs before time is up, spray with mineral water to keep it moist.

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