Pretty Woman

Who would have thought that I could have been inspired by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Pretty Woman is one of my wife’s favorite movies and when she stumbled onto it this week she had to watch it. What stood out to me was a moment in the film when Richard Gere was telling her how pretty and smart she was. Then, he said something like he didn’t understand why she couldn’t see it. She said “it’s easier to believe the bad”.

That one statement spoke volumes to me. As a father with three daughters, I’m always conscience of my daughter’s self-esteem. My wife is so very good at watching out for their self-esteem. I try to say the right things but I just don’t measure up to her. We are fortunate to have three beautiful (inside and out) girls. But I can’t help to think about all of the pretty girls that I knew in high school that thought they were ugly. Back then, I just wrote it off and assumed they just said that so they would hear someone tell them “you’re not ugly, you’re pretty”. Now that I’m older I can look ba

After all these years of Dateline reports, news reports, and other studies that I’ve been exposed to, mostly common sense stuff I guess, low self-esteem can cause a young woman to do things that aren’t very Godly. Low self-esteem is a tool that the devil uses against our teens to deceive them into making very bad decisions. How many teenage girls have you known that have made some really bad decisions involving a boy that just didn’t make sense? I’ll go out on a limb and say 99% of those bad decisions are because of low self-esteem. Why? Why does someone that is so pretty need to feel accepted by a boy so badly that they will do anything to win his approval? กลุมลับ

The fact is that the devil will use one single thing to tear a teenager down. For some reason, no matter how much good that has been said about you and to you, it only takes one bad thing to shake your self-esteem. Like Julia Roberts said “it’s easier to believe the bad”. That’s why, as a parent, we MUST tell our children how good, pretty, or smart they are. Starting from the day our kids can understand what we say we must give them positive reinforcement. Because there is going to come a day when some immature boy or girl tells them “you’re not as pretty as you think you are” or they aren’t going to win the starting position that they’ve worked so hard for. You can be guaranteed that there will be times that will shake your child’s self-esteem. It happened to me and I bet it happened to you. When that time comes, will there be enough good that it makes it at least harder to believe the bad?

Dad’s, your daughters HAVE to know (not just think or wonder) that you think they are the prettiest girl alive. They have to know that you believe in them. Mom and Dad, they have to know that when the chips are down, they have parents they can go to who will help them and pray with them. You must teach them what it means to be “fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalms 139:14. I know it’s hard but we have to teach them that God’s acceptance is the only acceptance that they need. Dad’s, I know it’s hard for us to pay compliments sometimes. I don’t know why, it just is. But for your children’s sake, we must do a better job of complimenting them.


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