Stages Of House Building – Foundation

Foundation is the base of the house, on which it stands. The sole purpose of the foundation is to receive the loading of the building and spreads it evenly onto the ground on which it stands. The ground itself is considered the main foundation, usually referred to as the natural foundation. There are different modes on which the building’s loading is distributed to the ground. These different modes are referred to as types of foundations and they include the following;

· Strip Foundation: This is the most common type of foundation. The walls of the building are built upon an extended reinforced concrete footing. The footing is usually widened to have a better bearing upon the soil. The name strip is got from its elongated character as it follows the lengths of the wall. รับสร้างบ้านโคราช

· Pad foundation: This works in a similar manner with the strip foundation, only that it carries loads from posts or columns, making it localized. It therefore forms the shape of a pad, and hence the name.

· Raft foundation: This foundation is usually built where the natural foundation (ground) is poor, meaning that it cannot sufficiently carry the load of the building. Like the name suggests, the foundation takes the form of a raft, covering the overall base of the building. It covers the whole area of the building, just like a floor.

· Pile foundation: This is also a foundation meant to carry the localized loads, mostly from posts and columns. The only difference with the pad foundation is that the weight of the building is driven down to a stable ground by force. The columns (or posts) are driven deep into the ground using hammers until the get to a stable ground, in most cases hard rock. This is a very mechanized process and is done in cases where the building envisaged is to carry heavy loads.

One of the things unique to foundations is earth works. This includes excavations, loading, disposal and compaction. Depending on the scale of the building, this could be done by simple hand tools or heavy earth-moving plant. The conditions of the ground will also determine the processes to be undertaken. Another thing that construction professionals agree upon is the fact that ground conditions are hard to pre-determine and as such, the scope is only estimated and not known until it is already completed. There are, however, investigative studies carried out to unravel possible site conditions and as such determine how to deal with the most probable situation. It is agreeable that as far as the costs for foundation works are concerned, only estimates are possible and they are always labeled as provisional.


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